CALL FOR HELP for the rebuilding of the school in Pendissi (Burkina Faso)

During the night of 1-2 June, heavy rain and whirlwinds caused havoc in many parts of Burkina Faso. The areas hit included the village of Pendissi, where our EDEV partner Patrice Tiendrébéogo runs the local school. The school was badly damaged: the roof blew off, and windows, desks, benches, cupboards, solar panels and teaching materials were destroyed. There will be no more lessons for the 216 pupils for the time being. Even though CSI has not had any education projects in Burkina Faso for some time now, we cannot look at the situation there without doing anything. Therefore we are launching an urgent appeal for donations to help fund the rebuilding of the school, so that the new school year can start in October in the best possible circumstances. Donations will go directly to the officially recognised organisation “TERR’ESPOIR”, run by Patrice, which is managing the reconstruction work in collaboration with the Pendissi parents’ association. We at CSI and the children in Pendissi will welcome all support, however, small, so that a normal school day can soon once again be the norm in Pendissi. Please quote “Burkina Faso”. Thank you in advance.

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