"Coming together" exchange between Luxembourg and Burkina Faso

A few years ago CSI Lëtzebuerg established an exchange between the Pendissi primary school in Burkina Faso and the Steinfort childcare centre.

The project in brief:

EchangeNordSudThe idea behind this project is to organise regular correspondence (at least 4 letters a year for a three-year period) between Burkina Faso and Luxembourg. The long-term advantage of an exchange is that it gives the children a much broader and diversified view of real life in the other country and, more particularly, fosters a spirit of understanding, respect, tolerance and equality with regard to their counterparts. Over the years bonds of friendship have developed, encouraging the children to really look at how the others live. There are no limits to the enthusiasm and creativity shown by participants at meetings. For example, they talk together on Skype and exchange local recipes by video (taking care to ensure that they choose dishes for which the ingredients are available in the other country). At the start of each school year the subjects for the exchange are decided together.

We firmly believe that the project benefits both sides, as it brings the children into another world, allowing them to discover the differences between them while at the same time uniting them.

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