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4 good reasons ...

 ... to support CSI!

  • CSI Lëtzebuerg undertakes to manage all donations in a transparent and conscientious way. Your money will go where it is most urgently needed. 
  • Even with a small donation you can make  a significant difference and permanently change the lives of our project participants. As the Luxembourg State also contributes funds, even just a few euros are enough to send a child to school for a whole year.

  • We focus on education for a good reason: it allows people to develop their potential and take control of their own future. Education is therefore a long-term investment, and your donation will have a lasting effect on the lives of our project participants.

  • CSI places great value on the quality of our projects. For us it is important that we do not simply provide money; we manage projects in a professional manner and monitor their progress continuously. This constitutes a plus point also as far as our donors are concerned.

Sending money

trough your bank account
our account for donations:
IBAN: LU27 1111 0868 8772 0000

Via Digicash

by payconiq

by card


Every Euro makes a difference!

Even if the Luxembourg State covers a large part of our project costs, we are still dependent on donations. We are therefore grateful for every euro that we can invest in education for disadvantaged children.

If you donate to CSI you can either specify the country or project where it should be used or leave it to us to decide where it is needed most. We promise to use all money donated to us conscientiously and transparently, and only for the intended purpose. With CSI you can therefore be sure that your donation is in good hands and will reach project participants safely and directly.

As the quality of our work is a matter close to our hearts, we place great emphasis on professional project supervision. This of course entails visits to projects and involvement of external experts. For this reason, we invest up to 10 % of donations in the planning, monitoring and assessment of projects on the spot.

Whatever the amount of your donation, we will send you a donation receipt.

Even just a small donation can make a big difference!

Donations instead of presents

The guests are invited, the room is reserved, the buffet is ordered. But you do not know what your guests should bring as presents for your birthday or wedding, or your child’s baptism or first communion. Why not ask them to make a donation to CSI instead?  A worthy gesture, thanks to which people in need can also take part in your celebration.

Requesting donations to mark a bereavement (e.g. in the death notice) is also an act of solidarity, through which you can help the needy find their way to a better future.


We now provide personalized QR Codes upon request in case you wish to make a donation to CSI Luxembourg for a special occasion. It can be a birthday, a communion, etc. Just send us a request by email or phone and we will process it as soon as possible.

How does it work? It’s very easy! Just share the QR code that was sent to you! You can share this code by Email, Whatsapp, etc. or print it. To be able to make a payment with this QR Code, the person concerned must first have downloaded the Digicash application from their bank. They will also be able to attach a personalized message to the payment if they wish to do so.

 Contact us and receive your code in a couple of days!

Legacy donation

Couverture brochure legs

What is left when I go? Many of us ask this question. With a legacy donation to CSI Lëtzebuerg you can give hope and leave behind you something that will last. We will continue your commitment in your name and on your behalf, so that the values dear to you are perpetuated. This way, your last will and testament can be other people’s first step towards a new life.


CSI Lëtzebuerg has published a brochure containing important information on the subject of legacy donations. You can download it here (in German), or we can send it to you by post.

Contact: Carl Hahn (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / 26 64 93 89)


51, rue de Strasbourg
L-2561 Luxembourg

+ 352 26 64 93 89

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


CSI Luxembourg is a State-recognised NGO, which has been supporting disadvantaged and marginalised people since 1989 by launching tangible projects which aim at helping them out of poverty and which offer them better future prospects.

In addition to the development cooperation, which concentrates mainly on educational projects, CSI is also active in the field of "Global Education". This means that we organize awareness workshops in primary schools. Access to education is the focus of these workshops.

Account for your donations: 
IBAN: LU27 1111 0868 8772 0000