Access to education for internally displaced children

The project in brief:                                                

Under this project 1 021 internally displaced children receive a quality education. Many of them only learned to read and write just before they had to leave their homes, and now they risk forgetting what they learned if they do not go to school again for a long time.

The project participants will have half their school fees paid for them by the project. The idea is for the other half to be paid by their parents, so as to directly involve them in the project.

All children are provided with all the necessary school materials. Nevertheless, there are still those (especially girls) who drop out of school after a short time. In such cases our local partner organisation JRS contacts the parents to make them aware of the importance of education, and of equal rights for girls and boys.  Older pupils are also sensitised to certain dangers of everyday life, such as drugs and AIDS.

In order to ensure a good standard of education, 150 teachers regularly attend in-service training and are provided with the necessary teaching materials.

Total project cost: (2017-2020): €297 902

80% of this amount will be provided by the Luxembourg Foreign Ministry. The remaining 20% (€ 59 580,40) will be covered by CSI together with the partner organisation.

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