Help for Burundian refugee children

As a result of political unrest in their country, 80 000 Burundians have fled to Rwanda. Most of them are living in refugee camps along the border, but others have moved into town, where they themselves have to find somewhere to live, and also pay for medical care, food and their children’s education. However, the high prices in Rwanda make this impossible for most refugees, rendering them dependent on help in order to make ends meet. But they have not given up hope of soon being able to return home.

The project in brief:

Between 2017 and 2020, this project will enable 120 refugee children per year to attend a local kindergarten (primary school will subsequently be funded by another organisation). The fees (including lunch) and the cost of uniforms and school supplies will be covered by CSI. Where necessary, the children will also receive psychological support. This is important, as some children have been traumatised by terrible experiences or the death of a parent, which of course makes the learning process harder.

Our aim with this project is not just to allow the children to go to kindergarten. We also want to give their parents some freedom, so that they can get a job. In the many cases where a mother or father is bringing up their children alone, e.g. because their partner is sick, dead, still in Burundi or has been kidnapped by Burundian government soldiers, it is particularly important that the children are looked after during the day, so that the remaining parent can earn a living.

Total project cost (2017-2020): €220 011

80% of this amount will be provided by the Luxembourg Foreign Ministry. The remaining 20% (€44 002,20) will be covered by CSI together with the partner organisation.

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