Access to primary school for children with a disability

Disabled people in Bangladesh have a difficult time. They are at a disadvantage in many areas of life. In most cases discrimination starts as soon as they are born: parents are ashamed of a disabled child and hide it so that nobody finds out about it. There are no state institutions that can care for the disabled, and desperate parents are left to their own resources. In order to promote acceptance of disabled people in Bangladesh, CSI Lëtzebuerg has set up a project with the aim of putting an end to discrimination.

The project in brief

Under this project 214 children with disabilities will be able to attend primary school. There they will be looked after by specially trained teachers and supported according to their individual capabilities.. In addition to the school fees, the project also covers the cost of school materials.

The project is also concerned with the children’s physical abilities. They are treated by physiotherapists and receive any equipment they might need (wheelchair, hearing aid etc.) so as to make their everyday life easier.

As the children attend normal schools, the school infrastructure is not usually geared to the needs of the disabled. The premises are therefore adapted by installing ramps and disabled toilets, and by equipping classrooms to meets the needs of the project participants.

In the course of the project 60 teachers from 20 schools will be trained in how to teach and properly care for children with disabilities.

So as to permanently improve the situation of disabled children, the project activities must also embrace the local environment, in other words the participants’ families and people in general must be made more aware of the rights of the disabled and taught how to treat them correctly. 

Total project cost (2017-2020): €207 980

80 % of this amount will be covered by the Luxembourg Foreign Ministry. The rest (€41 596) will be contributed by CSI and the local partner organisation.

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