Workshops in primary schools

In order to enable younger pupils to make the link between different realities, CSI Lëtzebuerg offers workshops intended to enhance their understanding of the concept of access to education throughout the world. These workshops constitute the basis of CSI’s development education work.

The project in brief:

WentgerKleinThe workshops are designed for primary schools in Luxembourg, more specifically for years 3 and 4. They cover in particular the obstacles to quality education, the consequences of illiteracy, and the influence of education on quality of life. The objectives are to encourage schoolchildren to think about the subject and to exert a lasting influence on their opinions and values.

The programme consists of three workshops of two hours each. In the first workshop the children are placed in the situation of being unable to read or write, such that they experience how difficult it is to cope with the most mundane of everyday tasks. In the subsequent workshops the children discover the obstacles to education and find out about learning conditions in other countries. The story of Malala, winner of the Nobel Peace prize at the age of 17, provides food for thought about why these children attach so much importance to going to school, even if it is difficult and sometimes even dangerous. The pupils think about why education is like a springboard for each of them.

If you wish to support this project, please state “EDEV workshops”. Thank you. 

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