Vision and mission

CSI Lëtzebuerg is driven by the desire to make the world a little bit fairer. Unfortunately, not everyone has the chance to obtain an education. Our aim is to do something about this by helping disadvantaged children and young people, regardless of ethnic origin and religion, to enjoy a decent education. Our mission can therefore be summarised as follow:

“Together with our partners, we endeavour to ensure that marginalised children and young people receive an education which allows them to play an active part in society.

We support programmes and projects which:

✤   offer excluded children and young people a recognised basic education;       

✤   help to develop the potential of these children and young people, so that they become independent members of society;

✤   improve the teaching skills and knowledge of teachers and carers;    

✤   contribute to the creation of the infrastructure needed for these education projects;           

✤   help to educate young people of different origins and to create platforms for meetings and exchanges.“

The desire to help people in need is also expressed in our defining vision:

Our commitment is to ensure that everyone is aware of their own dignity and that of their fellow humans, can fulfil their potential, and can contribute towards a fairer society with greater solidarity."

In the view of CSI Lëtzebuerg, education is more than just a fundamental right. It affects society as a whole, and all aspects of human life. It is therefore worth promoting.

“The only thing that is ultimately more expensive than education is no education.”

John F. Kennedy

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